What rental car insurance should I get?

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Is rental car insurance worth it?

Generally, the rental car companies offer insurance through a loss damage waiver or collision damage waiver. This type of insurance is essential because it covers you if your rental car is damaged in a collision, stolen or vandalized. With this waiver, the car rental company will not pursue you for their losses and repairs.

However, this kind of rental car insurance on credit card is often though not always, irrelevant if you have certain coverage on your regular insurance policies. Here, you can check if you are already covered with the rental car insurance chase sapphire, or you need to buy rental car insurance full coverage.

  1. Check out your regular homeowner or renter’s insurance policy.
  2. Some credit card companies do cover rental car insurance with credit card.
  3. Travel insurance companies also provide rental car insurance coverage. What does it provide you can also check out your travel insurance policy.
  4. Many health insurances companies do provide rental car insurance third party in case of collision or accident.

If you got covered in one of these insurance policies, then taking a new rental car insurance liability coverage could be wasting your money. Many insurance companies are offering comprehensive coverage in many plans. So, you need to check out your previously insured complete policy.

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Types of rental car coverage

There are different rental car insurance types that you should consider to select the suitable one.

  • - Collision damage waiver: The loss damage waiver, called as LDW often lets you off the hook for costs if your rental car is stolen, or damaged in the crash. This might include the loss of use charges which your rental car companies can make up for lost profits when they must repair a vehicle.
  • - Liability:: It is also called as supplemental liability insurance or SLI. It includes rental liability insurance which covers the damage of other vehicles and property while driving the rental car. Sometimes medical expenses for others who are hurt in the crash is also included in this type of rental car coverage.
  • - Personal effects coverage:Known as PEC, this kind of insurance covers all personal items that are damaged or stolen from the car.
  • - Personal accident insurance: The PAI is popularly known as personal accident insurance covers all medical costs for you and the passengers who are hurt in the crash of rental car.

What rental car insurance do I need?

We wouldn’t suggest buying rental car insurance if you are already got covered. The following are the ideal situations where buying this expensive insurance can make sense.

• When you don’t have any car insurance, if you don’t have any car insurance, you might be in a grave loss. You need to buy the least form of protection for covering for the rental company’s loss damage waiver. If you have no car insurance at all, you will need to spring for supplemental liability as well.

• If you are driving a rental car abroad, there are chances that the general car insurance will not cover the places outside the US. Your credit card provider may offer some benefit, but you need to ensure that country that you are travelling should not be excluded from the profits. You might be out of luck in countries like Australia, Italy, Ireland and others.

• When you are travelling for business, if you are combining business plans along with your family trip, then the rental car insurance MasterCard, Bank Of America Credit Card or AmEx Platinum will not cover. You need to confirm if the policy will protect you and your family. And if you are renting a car only for business, your car insurance may not cover any loss that happened to your family.

What does rental car insurance cost ? How much ?

The rental car insurance visa card cost might be different from one company to another and from coverage to coverage. But there is one thing that you should consider is that it is expensive. You may pay $ 16 to $32 for a loss damage waiver alone.

If you opt for supplemental liability, then you need to pay another $15 and so on. Besides, the personal effects coverage could add more $6 each to your tab. Thus, augment every cost, and you could quickly pay as much as $33 a day for a fully covered by rental car insurance farmers. We provide free quotes of rental car insurance for Mexico and all other states Of America.

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