Know How To Get Cheapest Car Insurance For 17 Year Old Male Or Female

A huge number of people are wondering that is it really possible to get auto insurance for 17 year old male or females, but nowadays it is becoming a trend. However, the price of getting teenager insurance could be very high considering the risks looked by auto insurance companies. Teenage drivers have less experience of driving on the street, so the chances are high to meet an accident. Insurers consider this factor in computing the premium of insurance.

Additionally, when you are thinking about purchasing car insurance for 17 year old drivers, it is suggested that you first discover your state's lawful minimum coverage requirements. To get sufficient money related security, it is always recommended to buy extra coverages than recommended by your state's law. Also, you can even ask the insurers whether you are eligible for any discounts on premiums and that will help in saving a lot. As a rule, young ladies will not be charged as much as young men. Get Quote Now.

Do you know why car insurance quote for 17 year old is high?

As per the survey 16 and 17 year old teens have a lot higher chances of engaging in vehicle crashes regular drivers. Insurers utilize these factors as a reason for computing the general hazards by giving car coverage to the teens, so they accordingly decide the cost of premiums.

Furthermore, very few details can be found for teen drivers and their driving records. So, most of the insurance companies are not able to predict about 17 or 16 year old drivers. And for these reasons, rates of car insurance for teens are high. Get Quote Now.

Tips to find affordable auto insurance for 17 year old female or male

Get fast and free quotes within a few minutes, just call on 855-813-3316 and know how easily you can secure your policy. There are many options available in the market to get the cheap car insurance for 17 year old which will really save your money. Here is some essential information relating to a similar situation you may find it valuable during your efforts to find a policy for the teen.


If you parent and already have an auto insurance policy, then you can add your 17 year old boy or girl name in your current plans as a secondary driver. Such a move will help in not buying a separate policy for your teen. However, your current policy premium will rise and will be manageable.


You can get a good deal on teenager's auto insurance premium if you own fewer vehicles than the drivers in your family. A few insurance companies may not allow teens' names to include as an optional driver in your policy. In that matter, it is advisable to share a car.


Undergraduate teens with passing marks in their reports are seen as safe drivers and are eligible for auto insurance discounts.

Check For Discounts On The Price Of Car Insurance For 17 Year Old

The average cost of car insurance for 17 year old offered to boy or girl is around $5,512 for a six-month plan. But you can reduce that price if you are eligible for the following discounts:

  • Good Student Discount Your teen is eligile for this discount, if he or she is a average student and has mantained a good grades in school or colleges.
  • Drive Fewer Miles If you can assure your insurers that your teen is not going to drive more annually then you will get premium discount.
  • Responsible Driving Training If your teenager driver has completed a safe driving certification class, then insurer will give discount considering your teen as a safe driver.
  • Away From Home Discount If your teen is staying in college campus or hostel, then you can get this discount.
  • Pay Total Premium You can extra discount if you pay all the premiums together at a time.
How much is car insurance for 17 year old female or male teens?

As per the survey of 2019, the average cost of auto insurance for 17 year old is 11,112 every year if they purchase their own plans. But if they add their name in their parent's policy that can save around half of the actual separate plan. Teens can also reduce the cost of premiums bu deducting the unrequired coverages and getting all the discounts that are applicable for the teenage driver.

The price of insuring a 17 year old mainly depends on gender as it is 20-22% more costly to insure a male driver than a female driver if they buy their own policy. And if they add their name in parent's plan then cost of male is around 40-45% higher than that of female. Apply Now

Tips To Get Best Quote For Car Insurance For 17 Year Old

Car insurance for 17 year old boy could be much higher as compared to girl drivers but if a girl is an experienced driver then premiums could be higher. But as a parent you can explore below tips to reduce premium rates.

  • Owning an old car Old vehicles are cheap to insure, hence they can increase the chances for getting the cheapest insurance plan .
  • Age Matters Age plays an important role in deciding premium as we know that rates of premium for 16 year old will be higher than that of 17 year old.
  • Good Students If your teenager driver has maintained a good acedemic record, then he or she can get 10% discount on premiums.
  • Safe Driving Safe drivers have less chances of accidents and getting into accidents. So get passed in safe driver test.
  • Clean Driving History You can qualify for the best auto insurance rates, if your driving record is free of traffic tickets or accidents.

Finally, the suggestion is to secure the best insurance plan for 17 year old female or male take our specialist help to compare the quotes available from the various insurance companies rather than going on each insurance website and comparing the policy rates. It will be exhausting to do it by your own, so talk to our agent who have good knowledge in insurance market, it will be easy and quick, apply for quote now.

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