Why and When to opt for Buying Car Insurance for 30 days

Are you looking for an alternative to an annual car insurance policy? Are you not in need of an annual cover so far and want to get rid of needless expense?

One month car insurance is the best solution that provides you an opportunity to pay the coverage amount for the duration when you actually need it. Moreover, car insurance for 30 days is much cheaper than annual car insurance. When you opt for 1-month insurance for your car, you get the same comprehensive cover, but its main benefit is your control on the policy.

You can go for covering for just 30 days for various everyday situations as well as even for avoiding a lapse of coverage when your current auto insurance is just about to renewal and the driver has no enough money to pay yearly premium

You can get such type of instant and temporary cover within a minute you need it. You can apply for a quick and simple process online at any time for this one month auto insurance. Now, you need not worry when you are driving someone’s car

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Cheap Car Insurance Policy for 30 days Cover

In other words, we can also say that paying for an annual policy is completely meaningless and can be an unnecessary expense if you require coverage for only 1 month. The auto insurance coverage for one month is beneficial for college students, professionals, vacationers or those who are going to drive a car for a few days or a month.

The best way is to shop for cheap 30 day car insurance by getting and compare free quotes from multiple auto insurance companies. Simply buy the one and get your car secured. Now, one question may hit your mind, what is the right time to buy 30-days car insurance coverage? Buying such kind of temporary auto insurance is necessary for some unusual situations.

You need this policy if:

  1. You are going to borrow your friend’s car or want to hire a car for some work or for vacations.
  2. You have recently bought a new car and are not an expert in driving, but you are going to drive it from the dealership to your home.
  3. You want to drive a car that has not been insured yet.
  4. You are using a car as a temporary replacement because your car is being repaired or serviced.
  5. You have a car that you drive occasionally.
  6. You are living away from home and use your car when at home during vacations.
  7. You need a car for some emergency and are going to use it for a month.

During all these situations, 1 month car insurance could be your best option for an annual car insurance cover. Evios Insurance will help you get the maximum benefits.

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